Search Engine Optimisation

The single most important tool in marketing your website.

Why SEO is essential.

Your site needs to organically rank as high possible on google and other search engines to achieve success, beat competitors and grow.


Simply by being one place higher than a competitor means more unique visitors, more customer engagements, more brand recognition, and more potential for sales or leads.

Our Expertise in SEO

Research and Implement Keywords

We will place your site under the microscope and find keywords your customers will use to find websites like your own.

This will open doors to new customers you couldn’t have known were searching for you, search engines can be incredibly particular, preferring certain web pages over others due to slight changes in search wording, for example, different results will be yielded from London Bakeries against Fresh Bread London.

Our intention is to place you at the top of the search results for all relevant keywords, these will all be confirmed with you before going ahead.

High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the single biggest driver in pushing your site up the rankings.

High-quality backlinks, however, can be a game changer, pushing your site visitor levels into overdrive.

This is a timely and continuous process that will push you organically higher as time goes by, being linked in blogs and popular web pages can make the difference between success and failure.

Social Media Management

Relating to backlinks, optimising your social media profiles and website to market for each other you gain a free tool to encourage customers, this is often easy enough to implement although difficult to master.

GoToMeta can tweak and add social media destinations to emphasise the importance of visiting your website.

Create incentives to boost traffic, consistent quality content will be reasons for your user base to continuously engage with your business and naturally will reap rewards.


This involves mapping your site for search engines, so they can easily read the content of your site.

For example, if a user types ‘Contact – Banbury Drainage.’ The Contact page of your site displays first on search engine ranking, making search results more relevant to the user and therefore increasing chances of engagement.

Cleaning irrelevant web pages stops search engines pushing traffic to inactive web pages and instead pushes users to where you want them.

Tricking search engines by remodelling previous irrelevant web pages can be a useful tool if done correctly.

Content Updates

GoToMeta prides itself on the renewal of content for business and websites

If a website lays dormant or doesn’t revise their content, search engines will slowly consider your site less and less relevant to their user base.

We can create content to help keep your website stay relevant and excite users with informative posts, high-quality images or new products.

This service will set you apart from the competition.

Optimisation of Text and Images

Again, this is search engines being incredibly particular, text and its formation is important to help search engines formulate whether your site is worthy of visitors from their search results.

This not only includes basic spelling and grammar but the relevance of the text to topic or search terminology.

Image optimisation includes tagging images with relevant keywords, embracing external linkage / social media usage and the quality of the image itself, we can advise on optimising your images and recommend changes.

Competitor and Marketplace Analysis

The first step to becoming the highest-ranking site for your keywords is a simple analysis of your competition.

What are they targeting? What keywords are they attempting to rank in?
Using which business directories and social media?

By analysing competition, we can use their strengths and evolve upon their weaknesses and not make the same mistakes.

It’s important to take a long-term view to ranking above competition however
it’s also the easiest visual success, ranking higher than competition will organically create more relevant traffic to your site.

Performance Analytics

It’s important to see the real impact SEO is having on your site’s increased exposure and show a real return on investment.

We can provide charts and graphs showing when we posted changes to your site’s SEO makeup and confirm how these changes increased traffic to your site, whether that’s increased sales, increase in email subscribers or sharing of your content/site.

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